Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Love Scrapbooking!!!

So ecxited to announce that Little Craft Box is selling Scrapbook Materials now at

This company is owned by a Mom just like us, she is a very succesfull woman and she is a Team Player!

I'm inviting everyone to shop with us... This is my first time working from home and so far it has been a great experience!

All the paper sets and collections are fab... and if you are interested in getting a discount I advice you to join my team, sellers get 25%off on every ersonal purchase and 25% of total sales from family and friends!!!

Pink Whimsy is always posting videos to support all of us to have a great experience while shopping and selling online!!! I really like this company!!!

Thank you for all your support!

I signed up and I got my first pack and it was fun to make all of this scrapbooking items and this cards using the product I'm selling, got my website page running and they send me all the info and files I need to get me started!!!!
If you will like to joing my team, sign up and don't fotget to write Little Craft Box as your Consultant, If you just want to shop click on the link above, thank you :o)