Tuesday, August 23, 2016

I'm embarking on a new adventure...  Here is my website and all I'm doing!   Staying at home is great but I will also like to generate some money for the extra things I want to do. 

So many crafters out there and so many great activities to do!   I'm all about sharing with others so here is another way I have to do so :)  I'm also on FB
https://www.facebook.com/LittleCraftBoxClub/  So when ever you need me i'm there lol  crafting away!
I love spending time with my Crafty Divas!

Friday, May 18, 2012


Well as you all know I'm in to acting and producing films in Texas... here it's My interview with Michael Walters The Producer of The Feature FIlm The Prodigal... Thanks for your likes, please Feel Free to leave me a comment I'm honored to be cast on this film with so many Texas Talented Actors... They are announcing the celebraties that will be involved soon!!!!!

I'm so happy about this!

About Scrapbooking with friends ONLINE

I been looking for ways to reach more people about crafting in many different ways and I was scrapbooking with a friend the other day and she mention to me that she has a group of ladies that scrapbook online... Then I was thinking "Do they use an online website to make Scrapbooks?" and she told me that what they do is they all have Skype acc. and she paid for the monthly service to be able to VIDEO CHAT with all of them at one time and scrapbook online... hehehehe... I was like Aaaahhhhh... I got ya! lol 
To make the story short... I did it I opened an acc. and Now I'm able to invite people for free to join me in a Multiple Video Chat, yesterday they were scrapbooking online so they were very kind and they invited me in, it works like a charm!!! They were all seating there enjoying their projects and I was so excited I bet I look like a NERD hahahaha... Then Rachel started wining so I have to let go hehehehe... but HOW COOL IS THAT!!!
So if you guys feel like scrapbooking online Mine acc is zulema.nall if you add me make sure to let me know in a message who you are so I can add you to mine... Just in case you have one of those funky ID Names on Skype lol so i know who yo are :) I will send you an email invite so we can all be ready... OMG can't wait to start doing this! this will allow us to hang out together even if you are far!!!!!! Well that is my story of my discovery and I'm sure many of you are already doing this but to me THIS WAS NEW! LOL See you guys around and hopely we can start scrapbooking online soon :)