Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Love Scrapbooking!!!

So ecxited to announce that Little Craft Box is selling Scrapbook Materials now at

This company is owned by a Mom just like us, she is a very succesfull woman and she is a Team Player!

I'm inviting everyone to shop with us... This is my first time working from home and so far it has been a great experience!

All the paper sets and collections are fab... and if you are interested in getting a discount I advice you to join my team, sellers get 25%off on every ersonal purchase and 25% of total sales from family and friends!!!

Pink Whimsy is always posting videos to support all of us to have a great experience while shopping and selling online!!! I really like this company!!!

Thank you for all your support!

I signed up and I got my first pack and it was fun to make all of this scrapbooking items and this cards using the product I'm selling, got my website page running and they send me all the info and files I need to get me started!!!!
If you will like to joing my team, sign up and don't fotget to write Little Craft Box as your Consultant, If you just want to shop click on the link above, thank you :o)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sock Monkey Hat

My friend Barbara a very talented ladie, she was crocheting this hats and they were adorable... Rachel asked me If I could make her one and to be honest I just know how to crochet flowers and borders hehehehe.
So I look a pic of Barbara's design and I went home and started thinking on how to knit one just like it and after a visit to Barbara's hows I figured how to do the flaps and ta-da!!!! :o) Rachel Loves it!
I been making this with our a pattern woohoo...

My knitted Hats!

I learned how to make a hat by using circular needles 2 years ago,
My friend Winni told me how to do the Magic Loop!
Now I can knit 2 hats at one time using this tecnique...
Knitting Hats is my favorite thing to knit :)

Just a note...

Lately I been very busy doing many different things, now I'm here to let you know that a new episode just started in y life... I got an agent and I started my training to become a Female Voice-Over Talent and Model.This is what I was doing as a child all trough out my teenage years, then as a got older my interest change, I wanted to have a family so I left everything behind and started my new life as a married woman... I stayed home to become a mom had 3 kids and for a while I even worked as a Daycare Provider from Home, that was an amazing time in my life!!! I loved working with kids and to see them learn was a very rewarding experience. As you all know I'm the owner of LITTLE CRAFT BOX. Opening up my crafting meetup group was a great idea and I have meet so many crafters and together we had learned and created many great things!!! Now Little Craft Box has 3 groups one for Surprise one for Phoenix and one for all the rest of the USA. We are the Crafting Divas!!! Now my kids are all in school so I decided that it was time for me to go out there and show the world that I'm ready to be part of sociatety again hehehehe... Don't get me wrong, doing child care was a lot of fun but It looked me in my house for 3 years and now I'm here to go out and Take over the world hahahaha... I been working very hard to be back in shape not only fisicly but also by practicing and training my voice to become the Best Voice Over Talent there is! So far so good... If you guys want to hear some of my DEMOS I have a FAN page on Facebook become a Fan at: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/pages/Zulema-Nall/151548284880633 I been posting videos and my Photoshoots there!!! I need your opinion and I need your support... Share with others and help me to spread the word!!! Check out my videos... Zulema Nall